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Digital Caravan Theatre

Small Truth Theatre

Small Truth Theatre presents the DIGITAL CARAVAN THEATRE collection of micro audio plays by an extraordinary ensemble of award winning Theatre makers - all available to download for free. The TWO collections of micro audio plays are: WATER by babirye bukilwa (performed by babirye bukilwa and directed by Miranda Cromwell) - TIME by Jessica Butcher (starring Danusia Samal and directed by Chris Sonnex) - RAGE by Chloe Todd Fordham (starring Tanya Loretta Dee & Safiyya Ingar and directed by Yasmeen Arden). Sound Design for all three plays by Nicola Chang. Produced by Small Truth Theatre. The first micro audio collection of plays are: SPIRIT OF CARNIVAL by Emma Dennis-Edwards (starring Danielle Vitalis) - ENOUGH by Abi Zakarian (starring Lilly Driscoll) - SEPTEMBER SKIES by Jessica Butcher (starring Safiyya Ingar). All three plays are directed by Yasmeen Arden with Sound Design by Nicola Chang - Produced by Small Truth Theatre.

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