Digital Caravan Theatre


December 12, 2022 Small Truth Theatre Season 4 Episode 2
Digital Caravan Theatre
Show Notes

Written by Lilly Driscoll 
Directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou 

Ruby - Barbara Smith 
Pearl - Alex Jarrett 

Sound Design – Nicola Chang 
Creative Producer - Lucille Findlay

Inspired by Year 5 at Barlby Primary School

Following our award winning DIGITAL CARAVAN THEATRE series, SMALL TRUTH THEATRE is back with a new collections of audio plays called OUR VOICES. 

Inspired by the culture and community of North Kensington, the award- winning Caravan Theatre is back with 15 minute micro plays, putting our much loved community at the heart of our theatre making to celebrate & amplify the young voices in our area and beyond. 

Supported by the Grenfell Health And Emotional Wellbeing For Children And Young People Fund and Arts Council England, these little pieces on magic are made with some of the best artists and creatives working in UK theatre and TV.